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Always on the run

Desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone? You can use any section of Claster FM on any platform, from either app or website.

Easy to use

We've developed Claster FM with a simple, modern and easy to use interface, designed for who work.

Blazing fast installation

We distribute Claster FM in Software As A Service mode, no complex infrastructures or installations are required, the software will be ready to use in a few clicks!

Everything under control

By using our apps you can check the situation of your buildings wherever you are, with our push notifications you never lose control of what is happening.

Virtual Data Room

Documents regarding sites or assets, manuals and certifications can be consulted at any time or shared using Claster Transfer.

Notifications & control

Automatic e-mails and push notifications will warn you of events, expirations and deadlines.

Intervene helped by a mobile app

With our mobile app you can use QR codes to keep track of your work, recording readings, taking photos and notes, also when offline!

Standard or customized activities

According to the categorization of the assets marked as present in the buildings, activities are automatically planned to comply with the current laws*. In addition, also custom activities can be planned.

On-line calendar

Always available online calendar showing both planned ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.


A ticket can be opened both using the QR code on the asset or remotely, assigned companies are notified in real time, quote requests are also managed.


The software suggests when different manintenance activities assigned to the same company can be planned in the same date, saving time and resources.

Cost estimates

Analysis and breakdown of costs related to property, administration, property management and maintenance.


Do you want to see something more?

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App screenshot img
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  • Building up an asset inventory from scratch, also through QR code stickers provided by us
  • Asset inventory consultation, where it's possible to see asset photos, information, expirations and maintenance history and anomalies history
  • Property and floor plan management
  • Planning and management of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
  • Ticketing system updated in real time with data provided by on-site operators
  • Issue reporting system that allow on-site operators to send real time reports including involved assets, severity level and photos
  • Upcoming interventions reminders
  • All the main operations (calendar, asset management, intervention execution, issue reporting and ticketing) are available offline
  • Intervention validation and accounting
  • Weather forecast for the interventions in the following days
  • Suppliers data management
  • Virtual Data Room - a virtual space to store business, financial and technical documents
  • A wide range of technical and financial reports downloadable in PDF format
  • Energy consumption recording and reporting
  • Certifications, accreditations and other documents requirements for both the company and the employees to operate
It is available via website for all platforms, or as an application for Android and iOS, the application provides additional features, such as the ability to work offline, scan QR codes, take photos, receive push notifications.
  • Our data centers are located within the European Union, are ISO/IEC 27001 certified and PCI DSS level 1 certified.
  • We encrypt in-transit data, using Transport Layer Security (TLS) and HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS).
  • We encrypt documents stored in Virtual Data Room using FIPS 140-2 approved encryption algorithms.
  • We encrypt data saved in our databases via AES-256.
  • We monitor server traffic in real time to detect anomalies promptly.
  • We have redundant systems, backup plans, business continuity plans, disaster recovery plans that are tested and refined periodically.
  • If you need more information you can check out DPS Privacy Center.



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